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Saying goodbye to his previous moniker, Sixth Cell, Charles Majek is playing all songs from his upcoming EP the Life and Death of Sixth Cell live onstage. Join us for an evening of music, dance, and a majekal experience.

In Mick Jagger, Charles Majek’s bold and braggadocious style shines through his lyrics. The infectious chorus, “Niggas want to hang with Sixth, but they can’t come close. He’s a hundred degrees, what?” highlights his confidence and commanding presence, as he asserts his individuality and musical prowess gained from years of performing as a rapper over classic Nigerian folk and funk music, Old Skool hip-hop, and RnB while working with the Metro Band in Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigerian Boys

LADOS Live is a celebration of music and artistry, taking the audience on a visual and auditory journey of Sixth Cell to Charles Majek. Featuring live performances from Charles Majek off his upcoming EP the Life and Death of Sixth Cell, dance from Lagos-based group The Geng, and supporting video installation from Isaac X, LADOS Live is Charles’ coming out party with Nigerian Boys.

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