Bus Stop Lagos


lineup & schedule

Come see our friends live in concert! We’ve invited your faves Tawati, Ziggy Machala, Inart, Labamz and Y1 in the Middle to share the stage with us at the Bus Stop.

We’re inviting the best live performers we know to come celebrate with us, Charles Majek, and Paybac Iboro at Bus Stop. Join us for an evening of the finest Nigerian folk, hiphop, R&B and alternative music in town, from the fastest rising artistes in Lagos!


Ziggy Machala is an independent, multifaceted and exceptional singer-songwriter whose music fuses traditional and modern afro sounds with contemporaries. 

INART, born Oghenetega Ovbagbedia, is a Nigerian alternative hip-hop artist known for his reflective blend of Pop, R&B, Afro swing, and Hip hop. Inspired by Saint JHN, INART’s fluid rap style combines Afrobeats and UK grime, captivating listeners with infectious melodies.

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