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Make history with Paybac Iboro as we launch his West African Goat merch collection with Nigerian Boys* in this 1-of-a-kind interactive concert! Fans who order t-shirts and hoodeis get to join Paybac onstage and live forever in music videos and visualisers!

In Nigeria’s ever-evolving Hip-Hop scene, PayBac Iboro is one of its most active players, constantly seeking to outdo himself, track after track and project after project. He had his breakthrough with his 2018 LP ‘The Biggest Tree’ where he delved into personal details about his life and aligned those experiences with the general Nigerian lifestyle. That has become a trademark of Iboro: rapping about who he is and how being a Nigerian has contributed his personhood. 

The Native Mag

Playing songs off the soon to be released Deluxe version of the critically acclaimed West African Goat album, join us to make history with Paybac Iboro. Fans get to be part of the concert and creative process when they buy the merchandise and have it delivered on the day of the concert. Some lucky fans will join Paybac Iboro on stage and live forever in his music videos and visualizers.

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